Business Coaching – Part 1

Coach . . . the word conjures up images of energetic men pacing the sidelines while yelling instructions and encouragement. Maybe you envision a coach cheering their athlete on during an Olympic event or lending support while waiting for a score. Whatever comes to your mind, there is no escaping the fact that behind every successful athlete, team, or program there is a coach that is responsible for helping them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Some of the most admired traits in American culture are the drive and skills exemplified by athletes in the sports industry and the coaches that stand behind them. For NFL fans, the recent death of Don Shula is a great reminder of the impact coaches make on the lives they touch. Shula had more victories than any other coach in the league and the only perfect season in NFL history, all while helping to shape pro football’s modern era. The teams that were honored to have him as their coach still carry legendary records because of his leadership and success. Without his drive, systems and vision, those clubs would not have achieved their goals or reached such high levels of accomplishment. In much the same way, the expertise, skills, and abilities that a coach brings for an athlete is also a necessity for success in life and especially in business.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.” Bob Nardelli

In the world of business, coaching has become a mainstay for leaders that seek to move their companies from being good to being great. Leaders are recognizing that the accountability, insight, and proven strategies an experienced coach provides is an invaluable tool propelling them to achieve levels of success they only dreamed of before.

This is very different from a business consultant. Consultants come into a business to identify specific problems and correct them, and then they move on until the next time things fall apart. A true business coach is committed to building a relationship and training the owner in how to successfully manage their money, time, team, and much more. The owner receives a business education that will enable them to confidently implement these skills in any future business venture.

Just as in sports, the coach cannot do the work for the athlete. Michael Phelps’ coach didn’t get in the water and swim, but he pushed, encouraged, critiqued, and helped perfect the skills that catapulted Michael to worldwide fame. In much the same way, a business coach will guide the owner to identify and prioritize their personal and business goals, make an action-oriented plan to get there, and support them through implementation. Without a great coach, business owners often do not even realize they are burdened working IN their business instead of ON their business. It is through a successful, professional’s direction that owners gain insight that boosts their company’s efficiency, profits, and offer the owner time-freedom.

Is your company struggling in the current economic climate? Is your business doing well, but you know it could be better? Are you tired of working 60, 80 or even more hours a week? Do you recognize some problems in your business but aren’t sure how to change things? A business coach is the answer. The investment in coaching returns dividends many times over, in money and time.

Contact the certified business coaches at ActionCOACH of the Golden Triangle to see how coaching can take your company to the next level and beyond. Dare to dream again!

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Rory is a Certified Business Coach and firm owner with ActionCOACH. His 30 + years of experience has given him valuable insight to make a difference for your company. Join him today.

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