ActionCoach, a 23+ year proven business coaching corporation, has now expanded into Southeast Texas through Firm owners, Rory and Lori Harrod. Established and prepared to take Texas businesses through the COVID pandemic and beyond, this company seeks to help you ‘Reopen.Relaunch.Restore’ your successful presence in the Golden Triangle business market.

With combined business experience of over 40 years, firm owners, Rory and Lori Harrod are offering valuable knowledge and support for owners to evaluate and reinvent their next years of serving the Southeast Texas communities. Willing to give back to their Golden Triangle community, they are scheduling a FREE 90 minute strategy session with any business owner daring to embrace these next steps of ‘Reopen.Relaunch.Restore.’ Let these certified coaches and ActionCOACH of the Golden Triangle support your new beginning. Desire more? 

Call 409.659.7606

Portrait, Lori Manning
About the author, Lori Manning

A prolific business writer meeting the demands and needs for knowledge and information. Helping to launch an exciting new Business Firm in the Golden Triangle area of Southeast, Texas.

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